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Have a look at our FAQ's if you have any questions you need answering before getting in touch with us.

If your question isn't below, please do get in touch with us, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • Do you offer a packing Service?
    This is something we get asked a lot and the simple answer to this question is that YES, we can offer a packing service. This is a service that we offer mainly to our elderly clients or our clients who are extremely busy either with work and or raising a couple of young children and just don't have the time to do the packing. If this sounds like you then why don't you get in touch? We will happily come to your property and offer a free no obligation quote.
  • How long will it take you to complete our move?
    Another common question that we receive from our clients is how long it will take to complete their move. Truth be told this is a difficult question to answer as it comes down to how much belongings you have to move and also how you well organised you are for the move when we arrive at your property. However, one thing that you need to be aware of is you should be out your property by 12 Midday, in order to allow ample time for monies to be transferred and allow you to get your keys to your new property.
  • How much does it cost for you to move our house?
    Many people will get in contact with us and ask us how much it costs to move home. Moving home is very much not a 'one size fits all' experience. That is why we offer a bespoke quoting system where we come out to your property and see first-hand what you have to be moved. While out at your property we will assess several things including access to the property, the number of vans required to complete the move, so that we don't hold up the new buyers of your home, and also how many boxes you may need to get ready to move, among other things.
  • We don't know when we will get keys, is this an issue?
    The truth on this subject is we never really know when we will get the keys to the new property, the advice that we are given is that the property should be cleared by midday, and that is always our aim. After that it comes down to the chain of buyers, however this is normal and we usually get keys by 2pm, but we will wait for keys in order to get you moved into your new home, so in short, it’s not an issue.
  • Do you supply packing materials included in your price?
    We often get asked if our price includes boxes to pack up belongings ahead of the move, truthfully, we don’t supply them free of charge, this is down to several factors including cost. We do however have a range of packing materials available to purchase from us. Our packing materials are very keenly priced and are cheaper than that you can find on amazon or in Argos, not to mention they are higher quality double walled boxes to their single wall boxes. On top of this we can supply other packing materials such as bubble wrap, tape and packing paper and wardrobe boxes.
  • Do you offer a free quoting service?
    We do offer free quotes, where we will come out to your property in person to discuss your moving requirements. We may ask you some questions in the first place if you are slightly further away in order to ascertain your requirements and we will at that point be able to work out a ballpark figure to give you an idea prior to our house visit.
  • What area do you cover for removals and house clearances?
    This is a question we get quite a lot probably more than anything else. We cover a 50-mile radius from our base in Montrose. This encompasses the whole of Angus, Dundee, Aberdeen, South Aberdeenshire, North Fife and Perth. We will travel further afield to cover UK wide removals this will be, although this will require you to either be moving from or into our catchment area.
  • Do we need to wrap our furniture ahead of our move?
    We don’t require you to wrap any of your furniture ahead of the move. When we turn up to your home on the day of the move, we will have a selection of protective materials for a variety of items including sofa covers, mattress bags, non-abrasive blankets. However, if you want to wrap some items, we would say mirrors and pictures wrapped in bubble wrap would be helpful, but as we say not essential.
  • When is the best time to get in touch?
    Depending on who you ask can change the outcome of this question. We would often suggest that you get in touch as early as possible, I personally would recommend getting in touch with us as soon as you have an offer on your property this way it will minimise the amount of stress you experience in the run up to the move.
  • Do you carry out nationwide moves?
    We will carry out nationwide house removals however we look to do this from our catchment area from within 50 miles of Montrose. We will also consider doing house removals back into this area from further afield whether this be a specific job where we travel down specifically for your move, or as a return load as part of another job when we are in that locality.
  • Can you offer commercial moving?
    Commercial moving can be difficult, but we can help with this, whether it be a full office move, including relocation of computer equipment which we can outsource to a local company who we have an established relationship with, or just relocating desks, filing cabinets etc, we have a solution for every individual need.
  • How do we pay for your services?
    We accept a few different methods for payments, those are cash, bank transfer and cheque. We currently don’t accept card payments as yet, but it will be something we are looking to introduce in the very near future.
  • Why should I use a removal company?
    There are a couple of reasons that you should use a removal company some of which are they have a greater knowledge of how to handle and pack your items. They are also not using the van for multiple things like garden clearances and that so lighter coloured fabrics are not getting dirty. A removal company is also more likely to have the correct insurance in place whether it be the van being insured for hire and reward or having a suitable level of goods in transit cover.
  • What services do you offer?
    On top of the house removals, we can offer house clearances for deceased estates, office moves, single and part load jobs to deal with the smaller types of work including deliveries of items people have bought online or maybe looking to beat the Christmas delivery dates they have been offered by bigger retailers.
  • Should I empty drawers of items before the move?
    We recommend that you do this. There are a couple of reasons as to why we would say this is because although the items may fit out of your house as they are, they may not fit in to the new property as easily and could hinder the unloading process. The second reason is often when we are loading the van, we require to put things upside down to get the van packed properly so when you don’t empty drawers this is when things get lost or damaged.
  • What items can you not move?
    There are very few things we can’t move however there are some, those are items such as gas canisters, light garden machinery that is petrol operated unless the items are emptied of petrol, we also won’t move paint as it can cause large amount of damage should it spill. For a full list of items, we can’t move then reach out to us and we will give you all the details.
  • Can I repurpose boxes for my moves?
    Of course you can repurpose boxes when moving however you should consider a few things before deciding on this. Are the boxes old and have you had them for a while? Perhaps they have been somewhere damp which could affect their structural integrity. You should also consider box sizes as you don’t want boxes which are too big as they could become too heavy to move.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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